Optional personalization, including your logo, horse or rider name, barn colors, and more are available on many of our products.  Here are some of the products we offer:

  • Blankets, Neck Covers & Hoods
  • Sheets
  • Saddle and Saddle Pad Bags
  • Tail Extension Bags
  • Slicker Hoods
  • Personalized Nylon Halters
  • Leather Halters with or without nameplate
  • Lead Ropes
  • Garment and Boot Bags
  • Many more products

Running a training program requires dedication, a love of horses (and their riders), long days, and many moving pieces.  Worrying about tack for your show string should never be a source of stress.

CK Equine is a leader in the concierge tack sales industry and specializes in providing high-quality, customized tack and supply programs, ensuring your show string and barn look as good as they perform.

Unity and consistency are important for teams regardless of their sport.  We take the work out of ensuring every horse has consistent, branded, high quality tack so you make the right impression at the ranch and at the show.

We offer a custom program to each barn we serve. As the trainer, you are in control!  You select the products you want your horses and clients to have and we take care of the rest.  We work with our trainers to develop a complete tack program to meet their needs.  Your clients visit a custom web page designed exclusively for your barn and order online.  Of course you can always call or email us too.

Show String Tack: the CK Equine way

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